Tues Oct 2

Health Boosts: Coltzan's Shrine: Resnick13323 feels faster! Cool!, Healing Springs: all your Neopets gain 3 hit points, fishing skill points for my Uni and Aisha.
Fortune: Your sense of self will cease without you noticing.
Items-Tchea Fruit, Yellow Lupe Plushie, Crunchy Skullberry, Poisonous Jelly, Spicy Red Pepper Omelette, Neo Crackers, Ghost Marshmallows, Flaming Fire Faerie Pizza, Lesser Spotted Fish, Scrawnyfish, Old Rotten Right Shoe, Old Rotten Right Sandal, Keeping the Peace.

I added a whole bunch of new dailies.
I won both the Tombola and Fruit Machine! Woo!

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