Snap, crackle, BANG!

Okay, so this isn't Neopets related. That's okay.

My mama squirrel posted about this, so I tried it. And then I tried it again. And then I showed it to Crayons and Ponytails. And then I looked for more!


Virtual bubble wrap. This is for the people who colour in the o's and e's and p's and any other closed up letter. This is for people who are mad at their boss and lost their stress ball down the back of the desk. And lastly, this is for me. When I'm bored.

So try this "easy" version first. Then a similar one, but with a catch..."buddy bubbles", to pop them press down "B" while clicking. Both of these have "Manic Mode", which is simply that you wave the mouse over the bubbles rather than clicking. Much faster. Then I found the "game" version. There's levels, rather than it being just a stress reliever. I have no idea how many levels there are, but if you plan on finding out I would strongly recommend holding the mouse button down to save time, because there's no Manic Mode. It also has "tough bubbles" which you will have to click on for longer.

This one I just discovered now. Don't use it if brown humour offends you--let's just say the bubble wrap makes...noises.

Now we just need virtual toss-packing-peanuts-at-your-sister (or boss!)

Roll the cheese down the hill, around the stump, and to Grandma's house, little Red Riding Hood!

My newest NeoObsession:

Check out tina_thecool's guide, and follow her instructions: buy a Quadruple Fudge Cheese (how gross is that!), and roll it down the hill, diving right. If you feel cheap get the Spicy Juppie one. I can now make it down the hill in under a minute following her suggestions, and that's how you get that cheesy (excuse the pun) avatar.
Which I want. So every day, I will be playing Cheeseroller 3X a day, until I get the avatar. Because it's random. :P But how often do you see that little gem pop up on the Neoboards? I've never seen it!



That's right, it's Sloth Appreciation day. No, not a sloth like this:

But like this:

That is, Dr. Frank Sloth.
And just for today, I'll admit that Jelly World does not exist.

An Open Invitation


Anyone who reads this blog (and anyone you'd like to tell) are invited--or challenged, perhaps is a more fitting word--to BD any of the pets on my main. We'll need to set up a time, so Neomail me (if you don't have Neomail comment here). Preferably in the evenings or midafternoon (EST).

If you've never Battledomed before, why not give it a shot? Buy a couple weapons at one of the many shops, such as Kauvara's Bazaar or Battle Magic. Go to Coltzan's Shrine if you like and up your pet's stats a bit. My Grundo (unlike my other pets on my main) is only Level 3.

You have to love Neoquest.

Ah, Neoquest. The painfully long game that is the pride and joy of that little creepy guy. But it has its benefits. You get lots of RA from all that refreshing! I'm only in Gors' Garden and I've already got two codestones, a quest, and a ghost (not good!). And when I'm done...I get to play Neoquest II. Yippee. :-D

Enter and win! (well, sort of...)

Think you have the coolest signature? Enter firtree20's contest!

This is a contest that I have begun running, and it's "legal" too: no prizes, not even Pile of Soot. All you have to do is send me your siggy pet, eg:

() ()
o o

You can send it via comments or via Neomail. So what are you waiting for?

The Victory Screenshot

This is the kind of screenshot that's just too good to keep to yourself. Remember that Aaa Games Master Challenge a while back? Remember how everyone had trouble with Ultimate Bullseye? So did I. Until this:

So there, Aaa.

Et voila! I am here!

And with the new year, comes a new blog, The NeoApprentice! This will be a journal of my experiences on Neopets...the newest things, games I'm trying out, and Random Events! I'm still editing settings, so bear with me. :-)