A New Look for Neopets

As I'm sure you all know by now, Neopets has a brand new layout and a customizing option for your Neopets. There are many new features, and the pets have all been redrawn. Here's my bit on the whole thing:

The layout is very pretty, but they need to move the ads. I know I can block them but I haven't bothered yet and they're sitting on top of my pretty Altadorian Constellations.

What the heck is with it being so $%#*** wide? Honestly, if made it fit the screen, moved the ads, and got rid of all the little floaty boxes I would love it.

<3 the idea of customizing, but DON'T REDRAW ALL THE PETS! Why do male pets have eyelashes, may I ask? Why do the Aisha and many other pets barely resemble the old art?

And why can I not have the option of choosing between old and new?