Wow, ok, where to start?

I want to paint my Aisha Ghost--I'm getting the PB with my TOW plot points.
I want to paint my Uni Disco (as per the new release)--It's 350K so I guess it'll take a while.
I want to finish getting the lab map--if I use what's left of my plot points I can sell an item like Thumburts Cane for roughly 150K and that's what I need to finish up. I'll probably put it on my one side account (firtree21) and zap my Kacheek for fun and the two Skeiths for "adopt, improve, and find owners," then get more pets on there. There's a possibility one will be so cute that I can't let go though!
I would also like to paint my Xweetok on that same side account but I'm not sure what colour.

There, now I'm all organized.

Wow wow wow!

Okay...after a few weeks of being bored of the site, Neopets has done what it never fails to do, time and time again...everything I have been waiting for and a little more!

To start off, the most important thing, that breath has been held over for months (considering it was the HALLOWEEN plot): plot prizes are out. You can get your avvie, sidebar, trophy and prizes here. Very nice prizes, too...for only 8k of plot points (not hard to get) you can choose a lovely Ghost Paintbrush (see my little bit about the prizes in my next post), and for a little more you can get BD weapons, or for a bit less you can get books and toys!

There's a new daily but it's only for March: Daily Dare, which brings back my old arch enemy AAA and introduces his sister Abigail. You see if you can beat them at games, and get a prize.

Not to mention it's Uni Day! A favourite for me, as one of my first pets is a Uni.

And a new issue of The Neopian Times.

(Don't forget the cancellation of March 3rd, BTW.)