Snap, crackle, BANG!

Okay, so this isn't Neopets related. That's okay.

My mama squirrel posted about this, so I tried it. And then I tried it again. And then I showed it to Crayons and Ponytails. And then I looked for more!


Virtual bubble wrap. This is for the people who colour in the o's and e's and p's and any other closed up letter. This is for people who are mad at their boss and lost their stress ball down the back of the desk. And lastly, this is for me. When I'm bored.

So try this "easy" version first. Then a similar one, but with a catch..."buddy bubbles", to pop them press down "B" while clicking. Both of these have "Manic Mode", which is simply that you wave the mouse over the bubbles rather than clicking. Much faster. Then I found the "game" version. There's levels, rather than it being just a stress reliever. I have no idea how many levels there are, but if you plan on finding out I would strongly recommend holding the mouse button down to save time, because there's no Manic Mode. It also has "tough bubbles" which you will have to click on for longer.

This one I just discovered now. Don't use it if brown humour offends you--let's just say the bubble wrap makes...noises.

Now we just need virtual toss-packing-peanuts-at-your-sister (or boss!)

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