You have to love Neoquest.

Ah, Neoquest. The painfully long game that is the pride and joy of that little creepy guy. But it has its benefits. You get lots of RA from all that refreshing! I'm only in Gors' Garden and I've already got two codestones, a quest, and a ghost (not good!). And when I'm done...I get to play Neoquest II. Yippee. :-D


Angeljw81 said...

Neoquest. Man, I need to branch out. I don't even know what that is!! LOL I stick to the same things on the site...Ultimate Bullseye, Whack-a-Kass, and Hassee Bounce. lol Sometimes for a challenge I do Kou-Jong.

The Apprentice said...

Go to the "adventure" section in the Games Room. It's like a plot, except all the parts are already added and it'll be there forever. Be sure to read a guide before starting, and continue using it the whole way through.