Zap Happy

So...I have been still zapping my pets/petpets on my side nearly every day, just not bothering to record them because nothing ever happens exciting. Once my first Green Skeith turned into a Silver Acara I didn't dare touch her. Now I am zapping my second Green Skeith but she is still a Green Skeith, but she does have quite good stats. And I've been zapping Stacielle (my first one)'s petpet which was just a pile of soot. Finally I got results on that today and I now have a very nice pet and petpet put together! See:

(I picked her up from the pound--as you can see she was poorly named--but I translated the numbers into leet-speak (1337) and made a few adjustments, I call her Stacielle, S.O. is her nickname)

Species: Acara
Colour: Silver
Gender: Female
Age: 1324 days
Level: 3

Health: 23 / 23
Mood: content
Hunger: satiated
Strength: quite strong
Defence: poor
Move: super speedy
Intelligence: average

Fruitee the Rainbow Babyca
(Level 3)

I'm so happy! I was going to zap her for adoption, but she is so cute I couldn't possibly give her away now. That's ok! :-)

You really need to watch this.

I completely agree with this. What the heck is Neopets doing? They really don't care a flying anything about the free users, and the Premium customers only have it a bit better.