Mon Oct 1

Happy October, and don't forget to collect your freebies!

Fortune: You will be assaulted by a pack of enraged Kaus.
These fortunes do not make much sense at all, but I am hoping to eventually get the one about the Kyriis so I get the avatar. Then I can stop.
My Grundo and my Blumaroo both had their fishing skill increased by 1.
NP earned: 2100
Items received: Water Mote, Crunchy Skullberry, Poisonous Jelly, Healing Potion VIII, Soggy Old Box, Blueberry Snow Puff, Onion Sorbet, Hot Dog with Mustard & Relish, Spore Blossom, Can of Prune Juice, Bucket of Sludge, Blandfish, Lesser Spotted Fish, Rusty Old Can.

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