Is there such thing as a free lunch?

That is what I plan to find out. I'm taking a vacation from the Lab Ray right now, and as often as I can I will try to post my freebie winnings on Neopets of the day. I'm using Jellyneo's daily service which is awesome BTW.

Items-Ummagine, Glowing Jelly, Broken Fishing Pole, Rainbow Dung, Butterfish, Carrot and Pea Omelette, Petrified Bone, Grey Sea Fern.
Other-1 defence pt for Audrey50neo, 7hp per pet, fortune: "You will defeat in single combat a pack of flying Kaus.", a NeoFriend, fishing skill points for Audrey50neo, Alison571, Resnick13323 (one each), reply to a message I left at our guild.

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