Petpet Lab Zap #47

The Petpet Laboratory

The creepy Kookith quickly grabs FruiteeSlurpee and runs straight into the laboratory. Since you and s0311661 are too big to follow, you poke your head in the door to witness the fate of the little Petpet.

The Kookith begins wildly pushing buttons on the console, which looks to be made of cardboard and... Achyfi cans?! This can't be right! You begin formulating a plan to rescue your Petpet and run far, far away, but it's too late. The ray has already been fired...

The ray produces a giant flash of light, but FruiteeSlurpee doesn't look any different. When it can't even climb the Multi-level Scratching Post you bought it, you realize that malfunctioning lab ray actually decreased its level to: 1

Just your luck.

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