Wow wow wow!

Okay...after a few weeks of being bored of the site, Neopets has done what it never fails to do, time and time again...everything I have been waiting for and a little more!

To start off, the most important thing, that breath has been held over for months (considering it was the HALLOWEEN plot): plot prizes are out. You can get your avvie, sidebar, trophy and prizes here. Very nice prizes, too...for only 8k of plot points (not hard to get) you can choose a lovely Ghost Paintbrush (see my little bit about the prizes in my next post), and for a little more you can get BD weapons, or for a bit less you can get books and toys!

There's a new daily but it's only for March: Daily Dare, which brings back my old arch enemy AAA and introduces his sister Abigail. You see if you can beat them at games, and get a prize.

Not to mention it's Uni Day! A favourite for me, as one of my first pets is a Uni.

And a new issue of The Neopian Times.

(Don't forget the cancellation of March 3rd, BTW.)

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